How does Tax Reporting work for earnings with Findaway Voices?

Every year, before January 31, our finance team will send a 1099 form for income earned (narration services for narrators or royalties earned for authors) for the prior calendar year.

Findaway Voices provides 1099's where instructed by IRS guidelines. We only provide 1099's if you are based in the US and total payments were greater than or equal to $600 — except royalties; the threshold for royalties is $10 in the calendar year. We do not provide 1099's for c-corps or s-corps.

If you are eligible for a 1042, it will be delivered by mid-April of each year. We do not report payments made for services (i.e. narration services) performed outside of the U.S.

Additionally, please also observe that you should not use the preliminary sales reporting dashboard for income tax reporting purposes. Please use the invoices and payments information under your account.

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