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Getting music on Release Radar

Release Radar is a playlist of new releases that updates every Friday.

Listeners get new music from:

  • Artists they follow
  • Artists they listen to
  • Other artists we think they’ll like

Your followers get songs from your new release in their Release Radar. You don’t need to pitch a song to our playlist editors, but if you do we’ll include your pitched song in your followers’ Release Radar.

Note: Pitch at least 7 days before release day to pick the song for Release Radar.

Learn more about pitching music

Things to keep in mind

  • Deliver your music at least 7 days before release to get your music on Release Radar in the first week
  • We don’t include a song in a listener’s Release Radar if they’ve already listened to it (but we might include another song from the release)
  • We only include songs where you're a main or featured artist (not remixer)
  • We don’t include songs by Various Artists
  • We don’t include re-releases of songs already on Spotify
  • Each listener only gets one song per artist per week
  • We’ll include a song for up to 4 weeks if a listener hasn't heard it

How to know if your song gets picked

Check the Playlists tab of your song’s stats in Spotify for Artists.

You’ll see recent and top playlists your song’s added to. If your song’s in your listeners’ Release Radar, you’ll see the stats there.

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