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Changing language

Choose your preferred language for Spotify for Artists.

Can’t find your language? We're working hard to make Spotify for Artists available in more languages in the future.

Web browser

Click Choose language icon at the top of this page.

Tip: On mobile browsers, you need to open the site menu first. Tap the 3 lines at the top of this page to open the site menu.


The Spotify for Artists app uses your device language by default.

On iOS, you can change the app language in your device’s settings:

  1. Open your iOS device Settings.
  2. Select Spotify for Artists.
  3. Select Language, then choose your preferred language.

Change email language

Spotify for Artist emails are in English by default. But you can change email language any time:

  1. Go to your Spotify for Artists notifications settings
  2. Scroll down to Email language.
  3. Choose your preferred language then click Save.

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