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Setting up Car Thing

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Car Thing connects to your phone, which connects to your car’s speakers to bring Spotify front and center on your drive.

Car Thing: Installation

Set up Car Thing

Note: Don’t set up, mount, or adjust the Car Thing mount while driving.

  1. Plug Car Thing into a 12V power outlet in your car with the adapter provided.
  2. Follow the steps on Car Thing’s screen to open the setup flow on your phone.
    Tip: You can also start the setup flow in the Spotify mobile app's Settings.
  3. Your Car Thing will update if it needs to.
  4. Mount Car Thing in your car.

Car Thing uses the data and Spotify account from your phone. You get all your saved music and podcasts, recommendations, and can save to your library while you drive.

Play with different phones

  1. Press the Settings button on the top-right of the device.
  2. Select Phone Connection, then:
    • Add Phone to connect to a new phone
    • Change Phone to connect to a phone you’ve already used
    • Forget Phone to remove a phone

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

If Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is available in your car, you can use it with Car Thing. Just connect Car Thing to the sound system with the USB cable.

Car Thing’s screen will then also show on the head unit’s screen, but you can still use Car Thing to control what is playing.

For more information go to Android Auto Help Center or Apple CarPlay support site.

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