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Spotify on speakers and sound systems

Note: We’re changing the availability of the app integration on some speakers. For more information about speakers affected, and other ways to play, check out Why can't I use the Spotify app on my speaker?

Listen to Spotify at its finest on sound systems, stereos, headphones, and speakers.

With all sorts of ways to play from the app on your mobile, tablet, or computer, you can listen to Spotify with speakers by Sonos, Bose, UrbanEars, Marshall, Amazon, Google, Apple, and many more.

Check out Spotify Gear for devices with Spotify integration. But even if you don't see your speaker there, check out the different ways that you may still be able to play Spotify on it.

Note: Some devices require Spotify Premium.

Tip: You can also listen to Spotify in the car, on TV, and games consoles.

How can I play Spotify to my speaker?

Note: Availability of connection types varies between devices. You can check with your device’s manufacturer for more information.

Send your music from the Spotify app on your mobile, tablet, or computer to a range of compatible devices.

Find out more and learn how to use Spotify Connect.  

Just say the word! Check out the Voice Assistants you can use to play Spotify on supported speakers.

A Bluetooth connection is a classic way to transfer your listening between devices.

Find out more about Spotify and Bluetooth.

Chromecast Audio is a handy gadget you can plug into your speaker which enables you to wirelessly play music to it.

Find out more about Spotify and Chromecast.

An easy way to transfer your listening between Apple devices.

Check out Spotify and AirPlay.

You can use an AUX or USB cable to directly connect your phone, tablet, or computer to speakers and soundsystems.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you have the correct cable for your device.