Getting a Car Thing

For: Premium plans in the US

What you’ll need


Premium plan

You need to be on a recurring Premium plan to buy and use a Car Thing.

For the Family/Duo plan, only the plan’s owner can buy a Car Thing but all plan members can use it.

If you’re on a free trial, you can forfeit your remaining trial period to buy a Car Thing.

Note: Premium plans purchased with a gift card are not eligible.


Compatible with iOS 14 and Android 8 or above.

Your phone needs to be logged in to a Spotify account using the latest version of the app.


Your car needs to be able to play audio from your phone through the car speakers via Bluetooth, or AUX or USB cable.

Shipping info

We use UPS to deliver your Car Thing.

After ordering, you’ll get a confirmation email with tracking information (be sure to check your junk/spam for this).

For more information about shipping and tracking, check out the UPS FAQ.

If you need help tracking or if you haven’t received your order, get in touch.

What’s in the box

  • Car Thing
  • CD mount: Attaches to the CD tray.
  • Dashboard mount: Attaches to the dashboard.
  • Vent mount: Attaches to the car’s vents.
  • Magnet: Attaches the device to the mounts.
  • USB cable: Connects the device to the power adapter.
  • Power adapter: Plugs into the car’s 12V power outlet.
  • Cable clips: Keeps the cables tidy.
  • Cleaning cloth: Cleans the surface for the dash mount and cable clips.
  • Setup Guide: Describes how to set up Car Thing.
  • Product Guide: An overview of how to use Car Thing.
  • Product Safety Information: Important safety information about the device.

Can you take calls while using it?

You can still get calls and notifications while your phone is connected to Car Thing.

Car Thing pauses the audio when you get a call and resumes when the call ends.

Can you use a navigation system with it?

Yes, you can use any navigation system in your car or on your phone with Car Thing.

For help with its settings, check out your navigation system’s support site.

Last updated: 23 February, 2022

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