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Content actions

What actions can be taken on content?

To help ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on Spotify, there are a variety of actions that we take on content that either violates the Platform Rules or content that may contain sensitive topics. These actions include removing content, restricting content’s discoverability, restricting the ability of content to be monetized, and/or applying content advisory labels.

We consider a variety of factors when determining what action(s) to take, such as the context behind a particular topic or current event and the severity and/or frequency of violations observed are included as part of our review process. We leverage a variety of algorithmic and human detection measures to help identify content that may need to be actioned.

Removing content

Breaking the Platform Rules may result in the violative piece(s) of content being removed from Spotify.

Removing an account

Repeated and/or egregious violations of the Platform Rules may result in an account being suspended and/or terminated. Note that this may also include all related and affiliated Spotify accounts that a creator may hold.

Restricting the discoverability of content

In instances when content comes close to the line but does not meet the threshold of removal under our Platform Rules, we may take steps to restrict and limit its reach. Though the content will remain available on Spotify, it may be:

  • ineligible for on-platform promotion;
  • reduced within recommendations;
  • ranked lower in search results; and/or
  • excluded from some Spotify product features.

Restricting content monetization by Spotify

Not all content is eligible for monetization by Spotify. In addition to the Platform Rules, content is subject to review against our Brand Safety policy prior to monetization.

Including a content advisory

In situations when more context may be needed on a given topic, a content advisory label may be applied to add relevant information and/or link users to timely, trusted resources.

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