Brand Playlists

You may be a company or a brand that uses Spotify’s social features to engage with your fans. As Spotify’s Terms and Conditions explain, brands may not engage in activity within the service that implies they are endorsed by any artists (unless, of course, they actually are).

While you’ll need to use your own discretion to avoid implying any endorsements, many of Spotify’s brand customers have found the following rules of thumb helpful:

  • The more tracks you have on your playlist, the better — put at least 20 tracks on your playlists

  • Don’t have any single artist appear on your playlist more than once

  • If you have a reason to believe a specific artist may have a problem with your brand, it’s probably smart to stay away from that artist

  • Keep your playlists editorial in nature; don’t try to make it a commercial for your product. Just like other Spotify users do, show the world what kind of music your brand likes to listen to while partying, driving, or enjoying a cup of coffee

  • Take advantage of relationships you already have — if you’ve just hired an artist to be your new spokesperson, a playlist might be a great opportunity to show the world how much your brand loves the artist

Last updated: 09 March, 2018