Premium for Family FAQ

It’s quick and easy to subscribe to Premium for Family. Just head to the Premium for Family subscription page and follow the instructions.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about something. Below you’ll find a list of common questions we’ve answered for everyone.

How many members can I have on the plan?

Premium for Family is for you and up to 5 additional family members who live at the same physical address. That means you can have 6 people in total, all under one, reduced monthly subscription, each enjoying their own Premium account. 

Will I lose any of my saved music, playlists, or followers?

Nope! All of your account details will remain the same, including saved music, playlists, and followers. Each family member gets to keep their own individual account to play and save their own music. 

How am I charged?

Only the administrator of the Premium for Family subscription will be charged. The monthly billing date will be on or around the same date you first subscribed. We never charge the other members (sub-accounts).

Note: The administrator will be charged the full Premium for Family rate, regardless of the number of sub-accounts. 

What happens if I cancel?

If you cancel, all the accounts on your Premium for Family subscription (including your own), will revert back to the Free service at the end of your current billing cycle.

Note: You can choose to downgrade to standard Premium, meaning all sub-accounts will revert to Free except for yours. You will then be charged the standard Premium rate at your next billing date. Just head to your subscription page and select Switch to Premium.

Are there restrictions on the members I can add?

To invite someone to your Premium for Family subscription, they must:

  • Reside at the same physical address as you.
  • Be a Free user, or a Premium user who purchased their Premium directly from Spotify.

Note: If they subscribed to Premium through any other company other than Spotify, they’ll need to contact that company and cancel their existing subscription before accepting a Premium for Family invitation. 

How can I change the address that I registered to my Premium for Family plan?

It’s not possible to change the address of an existing plan. If you’ve moved, or if you entered the wrong details, you’ll need to cancel and resubscribe.

Can Premium for Family be used with other offers?

Unfortunately not. You can't apply additional discounts to a Premium for Family subscription. 

I already have Premium. What happens to my billing?

When you upgrade your subscription from regular Premium to Premium for Family, your next payment date will likely be a few days earlier than it had been. This is because of the difference between the price of Premium for Family and the regular Premium subscription you were on.

See your subscription page to keep an eye on your billing.

Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify, you will need to contact them to cancel before signing up to Premium for Family. If your subscription is through iTunes, please see Apple's instructions for canceling.

I've been invited to join Premium for Family, but I'm already Premium. What happens to my billing?

When you accept the invite, you're added to Premium for Family straight away. You won't be charged for your account any further. Your future payments are handled by the Premium for Family administrator. Any Premium time you have remaining will resume if you leave Premium for Family.

Note: If you purchased your Premium subscription via a gift/e-card, you’ll lose any remaining Premium time when accepting an invite to Premium for Family.