Changes to Premium for Family

Premium for Family is getting even better. Over the next couple of months, existing members will be automatically upgraded to the new Premium Family.

Check out an overview of how Premium Family works.

  • Family Mix - When your plan upgrades, each member gets access to Family Mix - a playlist that regularly updates with music the whole family can enjoy together.
  • Parental controls - New parental controls give you the option to enable or disable explicit content for members of your family.

You’ll receive an email from us when your plan’s upgraded.

We’re emailing all Premium for Family members updated Terms and Conditions to reflect the new, updated Premium Family plan.

All members of a Family plan need to live together. We need an updated address from you so you can invite members to join your upgraded plan in the future.

We use Google Maps address search to help the plan owner find their address. Then, we ask the members invited to confirm they live at the same location (by either enabling their device location services or by manually finding and confirming their address with Google Maps address search).

We don’t track your location. We only check your address at the moment you’re asked to confirm that you live at the same address. 

We also don’t store any coordinates once the verification check is completed. Addresses entered in the address field are subject to the Google Maps Additional Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Of course! Check out our guide for problems logging in.

Last updated: 16 September, 2019