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Why have I been charged twice?

If you notice several charges from Spotify in the same month, it could be due to the following reasons.

Note: If you subscribed to Premium through a company other than Spotify, for example with iTunes, or your internet/mobile provider, we recommend reaching out to them directly for any payment questions.

Tip: You can always check what you’re being charged by logging in to your subscription page and your Spotify receipts page.

  • You have another account with an active subscription.

    It’s possible to have several Spotify accounts active on Premium, for which you will be charged separately.

    Check with your friends/family to see if anyone you know subscribed with your payment details, or follow our guide to find any other accounts. If you find one, follow these steps to cancel the one you’re not using.
  • A payment error.

    If a regular Spotify payment doesn’t go through, we’ll keep trying to take the payment over the next few days.

    These payment attempts may appear on your statement. Your bank / credit card company place a temporary authorization on the funds, so it might show as deducted from your overall balance but, at this point, no money is actually taken. If we’re unable to process the payment, the pending charge is automatically cancelled and the funds will reappear on your statement. You can reach out to your bank / credit card company for more information.

    Note: It’s possible to see multiple pending charges if the payment is tried multiple times. Don’t worry! Only one will be processed when successful. The rest will be cancelled and will reappear on your statement.
  • A change in subscription.

    If you recently upgraded from Premium to Premium for Family your renewal date will come earlier than usual, possibly in the same month as your previous payment. This is because of the price difference between the two different subscription types. You can see this on your subscription page.

    If you sign up to the student discount but we can’t verify your student status, you might be notified of a charge. But because the signup wasn’t successful, no money will be taken. See “A payment error” above. You might try this several times, incurring multiple notifications.
  • A notification error from your bank or credit card company.

    Sometimes banks can give duplicate notifications about a single charge, giving the impression you’ve been charged twice. We recommend reaching out to them to double check.