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Why am I being charged every month?

It sounds like you've subscribed to Spotify Premium. This is a service that (rock and) rolls on a regular basis, so comes at a monthly rate with payments set up to come out automatically. 

But I thought I was only trying it? 

We do offer deals where you can try Premium for free or at a reduced rate, but at the end of these offers the subscription automatically continues at the standard monthly rate (unless you cancel beforehand). We give you a heads up about this when you start the trial. 

There are no contracts, so you can cancel anytime! Even if you cancel, you’ll still be able to use Spotify on our Free service with ads. You’ll always be welcome back to Premium :)

How can I check what I’m paying? 

  1. Head to your account page.
  2. Click Subscription in the menu on the left.

It says I’m on the Free service but I can see Spotify payments on my statement. What’s that about?

It’s possible you have Premium on another account. Check out our guide to find any other accounts