Release Radar

Release Radar is a playlist of new releases recommended just for you. 

Updated every Friday with music released over the past few weeks, it includes artists you listen to the most and some new discoveries based on your recent listening. 


Desktop and web player

Find Release Radar in Browse (Home on the web player), under Discover.

Mobile and tablet 

If you’re using the free, ad-supported service on mobile, find Release Radar in Home, under Made for you.

Got Premium? Find Release Radar in Browse, under Discover.

Can't find it? 

If you can’t find your Release Radar, you can search for it. 

Note: Release Radar only becomes available after two weeks of active listening on Spotify (we need to get to know you first!)

Currently, you can’t see previous tracks from Release Radar. It refreshes every Friday, so be sure to save your favorites before they go! Here’s how:


Click  by a track to save it to Your Library. Or add a track to a playlist by clicking , then selecting Add to Playlist

Mobile and tablet 

  1. Tap  (iOS) or  (Android) to the right of a track. 
  2. Tap  to save it to Your Library
    Got Premium? Tap Save  to save it to Your Library.

Tip: Add a track to a playlist by selecting Add to playlist 

The more you use Spotify, the more personalized Release Radar becomes. Just keep listening to the songs you love!

Last updated: 19 September, 2018