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Creating an episode

If you host your podcast with Spotify, your episodes are created in the episode builder. Record audio, add pre-recorded segments from your library, and pick from our catalog of music and sounds to build your perfect episode.

To get to your episode builder:

  • On web, click New Episode then Record or edit.
  • On the mobile app, go to Tools and tap the + icon.

The episode builder has 5 sections:

  • Record: Tap to record audio. Learn more
  • Library: Where to find audio segments you’ve previously recorded or uploaded to your account.
  • Music: Add songs from Spotify’s catalog to your episodes with Music + Talk. Learn more
  • Messages: Voice messages sent to you by listeners. Learn more
  • Transitions: Short musical clips to place between segments of your episode. Named Interludes on the mobile app.

Adding and arranging segments

Drag or tap the + button next to segments to add them to your episode builder. You can also import files from your device.

Rearrange the segments in your episode builder by dragging and dropping them into place, or tapping and holding if you’re on a mobile device. Hit the 3 dots next to a segment to remove it from your episode.

When you’re happy with your episode, hit Save. Your saved episode is in a draft state - it’s not published. Changes you save are synced across your devices.

Publishing your episode

You need to verify your account before you can publish your first episode. You should've received a verification email when you created your account. Check this article for tips

Once your episode is ready, give it a title and description. You can also add season and episode numbers, as well as episode artwork.

To publish your episode to listeners right away, hit Publish now.

To publish your episode at a future date:

  • On web, find Publish date and select the date and time
  • On the mobile app, tap Change publish date and select the date and time. Tap Schedule for…

Publish times are shown in your local time.

To cancel a scheduled publish date:

  • On web, tap the 3 dots, then Revert to draft
  • On the mobile app, tap the 3 dots then Revert to Draft
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