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Recording an episode

From July 9, this tool will no longer be available on Spotify for Podcasters mobile and web experiences. Read more here.

If you host your podcast with Spotify, use the red Record button to capture audio and save it to your Library. On the mobile app, you can find it by going to Tools and tapping the + button then Record.

Note: If you’ve pre-recorded your audio outside of Spotify for Podcasters, you can upload it to your account.

Editing audio

After you finish recording, you can edit your audio. Find out more here

If you’re using the mobile app, tap Add flag during recording to mark points in your recording that you want to edit later.

Saving your recording

Once you’ve finished recording and editing your audio, hit Save. Give your segment a unique title that you'll recognize later. Segment titles aren't shown to your listeners.

If you’re using the web version of Spotify for Podcasters, your recording is automatically added to your library. If you’re on the mobile app, you have the option to add it straight to an episode.

You can find all of your recorded and imported audio in your audio library

Time limits

The maximum length of recording time on:

  • The Spotify for Podcasters mobile app is 120 minutes.
  • The Google Chrome web version of Spotify for Podcasters is 30 minutes.
  • The Safari web version of Spotify for Podcasters is 5 minutes.

If you want to go for longer, you can record multiple segments and add them to your episode back-to-back.

Learn about recording tips and info on microphone compatibility

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