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    Note: If you can’t find another user by typing their name, it’s likely because they don’t have a display name. Try searching spotify:user: followed by their Spotify username instead (with no spaces).

Want to refine your results?

Try an advanced search to find music by year, genre, or label. You can also exclude results, or look for 2 things at once.

Enter any of these before your search term to narrow the results.

  • year: Displays music from a particular year. You can also enter a range of years, for example year:1978-1984.
  • genre: Displays music in the genre matching keyword.
  • label: Displays music released by the label matching keyword.
  • isrc: Displays tracks matching ID number according to the International Standard Recording Code.
  • upc: Displays albums matching ID number according to the Universal Product Code.
  • tag:new - Lists the most recently added albums.

Refine your search with AND, OR, and NOT, for example:

  • Kyuss AND Green - Displays results with keywords 'Kyuss' and 'Green'.
  • Zeppelin OR Floyd - Displays results with keywords 'Zeppelin' or 'Floyd'.
  • Metallica NOT Anger - Displays all Metallica tracks except with the word 'Anger'. 

Tip: Instead of using AND or NOT, you can also use + or -.

Use any combination of the advanced search options to find exactly what you want!

  • year:1989-2013 NOT year:1993
  • genre:metal AND year:1932
    Note: This particular example may not yield many results.