How do I sync my iPod with Spotify?

With our iPod integration you can easily sync and manage all your music in one place.

Please note that you can only sync your locally stored files to your iPod. It's not possible to sync tracks from the Spotify catalogue to your iPod Nano, Mini, Shuffle or Classic.

To sync your music files to iPod:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Connect your iPod to your computer via USB cable and the iPod will appear under Devices in Spotify instantly. If it doesn't, disconnect and reconnect your iPod and make sure iTunes is closed.
    ipod device list in Spotify
  3. Click Sync iPod with SpotifyImportant: After syncing your iPod with Spotify you will only be able to sync your podcasts and photos with your local files in Spotify. Movies, TV shows and audiobooks will no longer be synced.
  4. Click Erase and Sync to save your existing iPod files onto your computer. Note: to avoid losing any important data, make sure you backup your content in iTunes before syncing with Spotify.
  5. You can either Sync all music to this iPod or Manually choose playlists to sync to manage specific playlists for syncing.User-added image
Syncing podcasts to your iPod

You will be able to continue to sync podcasts through iTunes without affecting the music you have synced through Spotify.

If you have imported your iTunes library into Spotify, when a podcast has been downloaded in iTunes it will automatically appear in the Local Files list in Spotify and then synced to the iPod.

Note that podcasts synced through Spotify will be placed under Music in your iPod.

How do I stop syncing with Spotify?

To no longer sync your iPod you can resync with iTunes. Note: doing this will erase all content from your iPod.

Please note: it's currently not possible to sync latest-generation iPod Nanos that use lightning connectors.
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