Protect your account

At Spotify, we care deeply about the safety of your personal data.

This means our Security Team works 24/7 to protect from any internet villainy, safeguarding Spotify, your account, and your data. We’re always on patrol for suspicious activity.

There are also measures you can take to assist in protecting your Spotify account and ensure any personal data remains secure.

  • Use a different password for each service and website

    If you use the same password for several services, they may all be compromised if one of those services has a security breach. In the same way, you wouldn’t use the same key to unlock your house, your car, the office, etc. 
  • ​Use a strong password

    This means using something relatively uncommon. Hackers routinely use automation to test common passwords. Generally speaking: the longer the password, the better. A combination of letters, digits, and special characters provides a high level of security.
  • Regularly change your password​

    If an unverified source accesses your password, changing it often can reduce the chance of it successfully being used to gain access to your account.
  • Keep your firmware/anti virus software up to date 

    Generally speaking: The more up to date your firmware/antivirus software is, the more secure your system will be.

  • Be careful when opening links and attachments in emails

    If you open a link in an email that takes you to a page where you’re required to enter any personal details, such as passwords or payment information, make sure the website is legitimate.

    Note: Spotify will never ask for your password in an email. Partial payment details may be requested, but only within support cases. For your security, we will never ask for full payment details.  

  • Log out after using Spotify on public devices

    Whether you’re at work, school, the library, or simply using a device that isn’t your own, remember to log out after using Spotify to prevent others from gaining access.

We’ve made it super easy to change or reset your password, so you can do this at any time. We also recommend checking out our guide about any suspicious emails from Spotify.

These are good practices to bear in mind when using any internet-related services, not just Spotify.

Last updated: 19 September, 2018