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Spotify Gift Cards

What is a Spotify Gift Card?

A Gift Card to purchase Spotify Premium or Unlimited. You can see where you can buy them here.

How do I activate my Gift Card?

  1. Go to www.spotify.com/redeem/
  2. Login to Spotify
  3. Enter the PIN number on the back of the card. If the code is on a receipt, enter it. Click RedeemUser-added image
  4. Choose Spotify Unlimited or Premium and click Select.
    User-added image

How long do I have to activate my Gift Card?

You have 12 months to use it from date of purchase.

Can I redeem a Gift Card if I already have a Spotify subscription?

Yes. The Gift Card will be added to your Spotify subscription. Your subscription will continue normally after the period has run out.

Why doesn’t my Gift Card work?

I can't redeem the Gift Card I bought from a store.

Your Gift Card was probably not activated when purchased. Please return to the store and ask for them to activate it.

What if the code has been damaged?

If you code has been damaged and you can no longer read it, please contact our payments team.