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Evolving how you create on Spotify for Podcasters

Beginning on July 9, certain proprietary creation tools available on Spotify for Podcasters mobile and web experiences will no longer be available. These include:

  • Record with Friends (mobile and web)
  • Music + Talk (mobile and web)
  • Voice Messages (mobile and web)
  • The episode builder experiences on mobile and web, which includes:
    • Recording and editing tools
    • Ad segments (Note: Ad segments can still be added to episodes using the waveform ad insertion tool.)
    • Background music
    • Library (Note: The Library will be moved to Settings to give access to all audio files created or uploaded using Spotify for Podcasters.)
    • Sounds

For more information about these changes, you can read our blog post in more detail here.

You can continue to upload audio and video podcasts to Spotify for Podcasters for distribution, management, and monetization. All of your existing published episodes will remain published and unchanged.

If you need tools to continue creating your podcast episodes, check out our new integration with Riverside, which offers more tools to record and edit audio and video podcasts.

Downloading your existing recordings

We recommend downloading any episode segments you’d like for your own safekeeping, as well as any recurring content (like intros or outros) from your Library. To get to your library:

  • On web, go to Settings, scroll down to More actions click Your recordings.
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