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Spotify Lite

For: Android

Spotify Lite is a simplified version of the Spotify app that uses less storage, data, and battery. Perfect for older devices and operating systems.

You can still search for and play your favorite music, save, share with others, get recommendations, and much more.

Spotify Lite also lets you:

  • Track storage and data usage
  • Set a data limit, and get notifications when you reach it
  • Free up space on your device more easily

You can use Spotify Lite alongside or independently from the main Spotify app.

Get Spotify Lite

Download Spotify Lite from Google Play

If you already have a Spotify account you can use Spotify Lite with the same login details.

Any changes you make in your account (e.g. saved music and playlists) on Spotify Lite are reflected on the main Spotify app, and vice-versa.

Note: Spotify Lite replaces Your Library with Favorites. You can find all your saved songs and playlists here.

Spotify Lite for iPhone

We’re focused on Android phones for the time being, but our ambition is to be available everywhere.

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