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Spotify on Ford SYNC

All the music you’ll ever need for your drive at the touch of a button. At the sound of your voice too. 

In cars equipped with the Ford SYNC AppLink system, you can control Spotify from the driver’s seat through voice control, and the buttons on your steering wheel, all powered by your Apple or Android smartphone.

Voice Control

Voice-control works with the following commands for Android and iOS:

  • Choose Playlist
  • Play Saved (all saved tracks in Your Music)
  • Turn Shuffle On/Turn Shuffle Off
  • Save
  • Info
  • Exit Spotify
  • Return

Voice-control also works with the following commands for iOS only:

  • Start Radio (based on currently playing track)
  • Thumb Up (Radio Only)
  • Thumb Down (Radio Only)
  • Choose Album
  • Choose Artist
  • Browse
  • Choose Radio

Tip: If you want to hear the list of the available voice commands in your vehicle at any time simply say the command “Spotify Help” within the Spotify app.

Button Control

The Spotify App also integrates with the buttons on your steering wheel and dashboard:

  • Skip track forward/back.
  • Play/ pause.
  • Number keys save the currently playing album, artist, playlist etc. Press that number to start your favorites again at any time.

Spotify with Ford SYNC AppLink is available in every market that equipped cars are sold. Check the Ford website for availability and more information on Ford vehicles and AppLink.

Why can’t I control the music from my phone?

For safety reasons, this is currently intended whilst connected to AppLink. 

Please don’t attempt to switch off AppLink as it might cause operation issues. If this happens, refer to Something not working? below.

If you have a passenger who’d like to control the music, they can do so by logging into the same account on their device, and controlling the music with Spotify Connect.
Note: We don’t recommend doing this as the driver. 

Something not working?

It’s possible to perform a master reset on your Ford stereo system. Check out the Ford website for more information. You’ll just need to re-pair your phone to get things running smoothly again.