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Spotify Radio

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Facebook Sharing

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Save your music with Playlists

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Listen offline

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Listen to Local Files

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Spotify and Facebook

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Travel with Spotify


Sorting and Filtering

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Spotify Connect


Play Queue

Spotify Family

Spotify System Requirements

How do I follow/unfollow friends and artists on Spotify?

Create playlists with your friends

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How do I share music with my friends?

Different Subscription Levels/Tiers

Spotify Free on your iPad or tablet

What is Your Music?


iOS Equalizer

How do I remove my Offline devices?

Spotify free on your mobile phone

Spotify available on PlayStation™Music

Spotify available on PlayStation™Music: Account management

Spotify available on PlayStation™Music: How to use Spotify on PlayStation

Spotify available on PlayStation™Music: Get started and log in

How do I activate High Quality Streaming?

Activity and Friend Feed