Playlist privacy

You can choose which playlists are shown on your profile.

For playlists that don’t display on your profile, note that:

  • If you share them, recipients can play, follow, and share them to others.
  • Playlist followers can display them on their profiles.
  • If the playlist is collaborative, any recipient can edit the playlist.

Pick your device for how to add or remove playlists on your profile.

  1. Tap  (iOS) /  (Android) at the top of the playlist.
  2. Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.
  1. Right-click the playlist.
  2. Select Add to profile or Remove from profile.

Add new playlists to your profile by default

By default, playlists you create don’t show on your profile, but you can switch this anytime. 

Note: You need the desktop app to set a default, but it applies to all devices.

  1. In the desktop app, click  at the top and select Settings.
  2. Under Social, switch on/off Make my new playlists public.

Download the desktop app

Last updated: 12 August, 2021

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