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Invite or remove Family plan members

The plan manager can invite or remove members on their Family page.

  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Under Subscription, select Manage members.
  3. Select the option to add or remove members.

Log in to invite or remove members

Invited members get a link to join, where they need to:

  • Log in to (or sign up for) their own account
  • Confirm their full address

Note: Plan members can only change plans once every 12 months.

Invite opening on the wrong account?

If you’re using the same device, make sure the plan manager logs out before anyone opens an invite link.

Invited members need to log in to (or sign up for) their own account to join.

Link expired?

Try opening the link in an incognito/private window of your web browser.

If that doesn’t work, ask the plan’s manager to send you a new invite.

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