Create podcasts

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Make a podcast within minutes and share it to listeners on Spotify.

Note: You can't save podcasts as drafts. You need to record, edit, and publish your podcast in the same session.

Record a podcast

Note: Spotify needs access to your mic to record audio.

  1. Find plus-active in the menu bar.
  2. Choose Record podcast Podcast.
  3. Tap record to start recording, and pause-active to stop. You can then:
    • Tap record again to record a new audio clip
    • Tap undo to delete the last clip
    Tip: Having multiple audio clips helps you split the podcast into sections or record multiple takes.
  4. After you record, tap Next at the top.

Edit a podcast

Add a soundtrack

Tap playlist and choose a track from our list. The music plays in the background of your podcast.

Trim clips

Trim and remove unwanted audio from your clips:

  1. Tap Edit trim and select Trim audio.
  2. Drag the timeline, or tap Preview to find the endpoint of the audio you want to remove.
  3. Tap Remove selected audio. If you want to remove the entire clip from your podcast, tap delete.
  4. Tap Done.

After you edit the podcast, tap Next at the top.

Publish a podcast

  1. Name your podcast and upload a cover artwork. You can also:
    • Add an episode description
    • Tag a song, album, or podcast
    • Mark the episode as explicit
    Note: If you don’t upload a cover artwork, your profile picture is used by default.
  2. Tap Publish to post it to your Spotify profile.
  3. Tap Share. You can share:
    • To social or messaging apps
    • By copying a link

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