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Spotify and Garmin Smartwatches have teamed up to bring you the ultimate workout music experience.

Download music and podcasts straight to your Garmin Smartwatch and listen without an internet connection, or even your mobile!

Get started

Make sure you install the Garmin Connect IQ app, and your device and watch are connected to the same WiFi.

  1. Open the Connect IQ app on your mobile.
  2. Search for Spotify and tap Download.
  3. On your watch, scroll up to My Music and select Spotify. You’ll see pop-up message that asks you to check the Connect IQ app. 
  4. In the Connect IQ app, you’re prompted to log in to Spotify and connect your accounts. Tap OKAY to confirm
  1. Open Spotify on your watch.  
  2. Tap Your Library, then Add music & podcasts.
  3. Find Recently Played, Playlists, Made for you, Workout, and Podcasts.
  4. Tap Add  to download. 

Tip: Tap Update Downloads under Your Library to refresh your downloaded playlists and podcasts.

Connect your watch to your Bluetooth headphones to start listening! Control your music with play, pause, shuffle, skip, and volume controls.

Need help?

  1. Tap Your Library, then Edit Downloads.
  2. Tap Remove  by any downloaded playlist or podcast. Or, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Remove all.
  3. Tap Remove to confirm.

Check out Spotify Everywhere or the Garmin Connect IQ store to see the Garmin devices that support Spotify.

You can only play music and podcasts you’ve downloaded (see “Download music and podcasts” above for how to do this). It’s not possible to stream Spotify, even if you’re connected to the internet.

For more information, check out the Garmin support center.

Last updated: 21 February, 2021

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