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Can I submit an audiobook even if I don't have an ebook version?


You are able to submit an audiobook, even if you don't have a print/ebook edition yet.

The only exception to this is Audible, as they require an ebook copy available on Amazon in order to distribute on Amazon/Audible. If you do not have the ebook available on Amazon, you would not be able to distribute to Audible and would have to leave them unselected from distribution. If only the print version is available on Amazon, you will be unable to distribute the audiobook to Amazon/Audible.

This is the only exception; every other distributor allows for you to upload the audiobook without a print/ebook edition. Additionally, you are able to add Audible as a distributor after the title has been published if you do upload an ebook version to Amazon. In this case, please reach out to to let us know that you have added Audible as a distributor.

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