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Podcast charts

To find podcast charts:

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Go to Search.
  3. Select Podcasts.
  4. Select Podcast Charts.

You can also get the latest charts for the US at

  • Top Podcasts: The top 200 podcasts in each country, determined by recent unique listeners and overall follower counts.
  • Top Episodes: The top 200 episodes gaining popularity in each country, determined by recent listening changes (such as growth and audience size).
  • Top podcasts by category: The top 50 podcasts filtered by podcast category.

Note: Top Episodes and Top podcasts by category are only available for select countries.

Charts update daily. They reflect podcast listeners and engagement, so remind your fans to follow and listen to you on Spotify.

Check out Promoting your podcast for more promotion tips.

How we categorize charts

We look at the first category listed in your RSS feed to determine which category chart your podcast can appear on.

If your chart category is wrong, update your podcast categories in your RSS feed. Your podcast host can help with this.

Note: Our editors curate podcast categories elsewhere in the app, so they might look different to the chart categories.

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