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Why isn't my audiobook at one of the retailers I selected?

There are a couple things that could be happening:

  • The vendor could have chosen to not offer it. Findaway Voices will deliver your book to each of your selections, but that doesn't guarantee that they'll make it available to their customers. For some vendors, they might have a strategical or tactical reason to hold off, such as wanting to limit how many new releases they add to their platform they add at a time. More vendor-specific context for known limitations is provided below.
  • It just hasn't made its way there yet. If it's a newly uploaded book, keep in mind that it can take up to 30 days to be live at the majority of vendors.
  • Not all vendors have a publicly searchable catalog. For example, library services are often hidden behind a patron account. In some very rare cases, we've also encountered subscription services not necessarily making all available titles publicly searchable to non-subscribers.
  • We could have made a mistake. We try to avoid it - but it happens to the best of us! If you think there might have been a mistake during distribution, please let us know.

Vendor Specific Restrictions/Limitations

  • Audible/Amazon:
    • Will only accept book if it exactly matches our technical specifications
    • Only accepts audiobooks if the same book is available in print or eBook format on
  • Storytel:
    • Only accepts books in the following languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam, Icelandic, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian, German
  • hoopla:
    • Does not accept box sets
    • Limitations on heavier erotica
    • Generally supports a limited catalog (on purpose)
  • Bibliotheca:
    • Limitations on heavier erotica
  • Chirp:
    • Chirp is a full catalog retailer. Note that titles on Chirp promotion are picked by the Chirp editorial team.
    • Currently Chirp does not support a price point of $0.00 or "free". Titles with this price point will be filtered out of the catalog.
  • OverDrive:
    • is intended for library end-users who are attempting to locate titles within their local library's collection. Titles are not displayed on until they are purchased by a library. As a result, you will not be able to find titles on right away.
    • Currently OverDrive does not support a price point of $0.00 or "free". Titles with this price point will be filtered out of the catalog.

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