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Removing your podcast from Spotify

Podcasts hosted with Spotify

Podcasts hosted by Spotify are available to listeners on Spotify by default. You'll need to delete your account to remove your podcast entirely.

If you simply want to give your podcast a fresh start, we recommend creating and publishing a new trailer, teaser, or placeholder episode first, then deleting your other episodes.

Note: You can't delete all your episodes without deleting your account.

Podcasts hosted somewhere else

If your host uploaded your podcast to Spotify on your behalf, contact them and ask them to take it down.

If you uploaded it through Spotify for Podcasters, contact us. Send us your RSS feed and a link to your podcast. We’ll take care of it.

Duplicate listing on Spotify?

If there are two versions of your podcast on Spotify, contact us.

Let us know which one you'd like to keep and we'll remove the duplicate version for you. We can't merge or transfer any data or followers.

In most cases, we can keep the version with the most followers and make sure it's connected to the correct feed.

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