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Understanding your podcast analytics

You can find analytics for your podcast on your Spotify for Podcasters Dashboard, including personalized data on your podcast's performance, audience demographics, and episodes.

Stats are split across 3 tabs:

  • Overview: plays, plays per episode, and audience size
  • Audience: geographic location, apps and devices, gender, and age
  • Episode rankings

Our analytics reporting is IAB-compliant. Stats typically update every 24 hours for the previous day. When you add new podcasts or episodes, their data will show up one day later.


The total plays for your podcast includes all downloads and streams of 60 seconds or more across all platforms. A download can represent an automatic download, or someone actually listening.

For new podcasts, this data will appear once your show has reached the minimum threshold of plays.

Plays per episode

The average number of plays your recent episodes received in their first few weeks. It’s a great way to help you predict the average number of plays you can expect to receive for each new episode you publish.

Your plays per episode can fluctuate based on the frequency with which you publish new episodes. This number may temporarily decrease when you publish a new episode as we count plays from your newly-released episode.

Audience size

How many listeners downloaded or streamed an episode in the last 7 days, measured by the number of distinct devices.

Spotify followers

How many users follow your show on Spotify. Users that follow a podcast see new episodes on their Home tab and in the What’s New feed.

Podcast performance

On web, you can view your podcast plays at a daily, weekly, or monthly level. After selecting a desired date range, hover over a particular day to see:

  • Your top 3 most-played episodes within that time frame
  • The total number of plays across all of your other episodes
  • A purple dot on the bottom means you published a new episode on that day

On our mobile app, your podcast plays can only be viewed at a daily level. After selecting a desired date range, tap and hold on a day to see:

  • The date you selected
  • The number of plays across all your episodes

Geographic location

Where in the world your listeners are, and what percentage of your total listeners come from that region. On web, click on a location in the United States to drill down into more specific locations. Click Region to return to the national view.

Listeners are unique listeners who started an episode in your catalog.


Which apps and devices your listeners are playing your podcast on.

Gender and Age

This data is helpful in getting to know your audience better, and can help you tailor your content and marketing accordingly, or identify new opportunities to reach audience groups that haven’t discovered your show yet.

If you work with brands (or would like to), this information can help you pitch to advertisers.

Note: gender and age data is also available in the Analytics section of the Spotify for Podcasters app.

Episode rankings

All of your episodes, sorted by plays. On the mobile app, we display the top 10 episodes only.

Click on an episode to see more stats.

Episode analytics (web only)

Your episode analytics help you understand what content resonates with your audience.

You can view each episode’s ranking and total plays. Compare and contrast average listening time across episodes to understand what works and what doesn’t to improve planning for future episodes.

Note: This chart is available on each episode detail page, found under Episode Rankings.

In your Audience retention chart, median play time is the point in the episode where 50% of people who started were still listening.

Note: Listener age, gender, and episode performance data is only for Spotify streams.

Video analytics (web only)

All video plays contribute to your regular episode play count. For each video episode you can also see viewers and watch hours.

  • Viewers is the total number of unique viewers that have watched your episode on Spotify for 60 seconds or more.
  • Watch hours is the total amount of time that viewers have spent watching your episode on Spotify.

Note: Due to a data constraint, video episodes published before February 5, 2022 only display viewers and watch hours from February 5, 2022 onwards.

Latest episode

Only available for podcasts hosted with Spotify.

Analytics for your most recently published episode are available on the mobile app 24 hours after it goes live.

If you’ve switched to Spotify for Podcasters

If you’ve recently switched your podcast to Spotify for Podcasters, you may see slight variations in your podcast plays or ad impressions. This can happen for a few different reasons:

  • Some hosts don’t apply the same standards to stream data.
  • You submitted independently to one or more distribution platforms and those plays aren’t syncing in your Spotify for Podcasters account.
  • Our analytics only includes data since after you switched to Spotify for Podcasters.

The way that we track plays is mostly in compliance with industry standards. External platforms track metrics differently, but we measure consistently across those platforms to give you analytics that are representative of your audience.

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