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Trailer tips

Trailers are ideal for increasing the discoverability of your podcast and gaining new listeners by giving them a preview of what your show is all about.

Not sure what to include in your podcast trailer?

  • Introduce yourself. Your trailer is a chance to tell your story and attract new listeners by sharing your passion and personality.
  • Introduce your show. Give your listeners an overview of your podcast so they know what to expect from your full-length episodes.
  • Sell your strengths. Entice new listeners and encourage them to commit to a longer episode by describing what makes your podcast special.
  • Keep your trailer under one minute. Try to capture the message of your show as concisely as possible.
  • Include a call-to-action. Encourage people to listen to your show, follow you on Spotify, leave a 5 star review, or subscribe to your show.

When you're ready to go, check out how to create a trailer.

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