Spotify free on mobile

With Spotify free on mobile you can listen to over 40 million tracks, pick and play the songs you want to hear in select playlists, and save data too!

Tip: Upgrade to Premium to listen to any playlist in the order you want, skip tracks as much as you like, and download music for offline listening to further reduce mobile data usage. 

Pick and Play

Certain playlists let you pick and play any track you like, with as many skips as you like. These include playlists we make just for you, such as your Discover Weekly and Daily Mix, and other featured playlists made by us that you can find in Home or Search. 

Playlists marked with  are only available to Shuffle play. 

Save mobile data 

To use less data when you listen to Spotify, turn on Data Saver. Data Saver works by showing fewer images and reducing the audio quality.

To turn on Data Saver:

  1. Tap Home .
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Data Saver.

Note: Where possible, we recommend listening over a WiFi connection to prevent mobile data usage. 


Last updated: 14 May, 2019