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Recording tips and microphone compatibility

Recording with your phone

You already have a powerful, noise-canceling microphone in your pocket - no expensive equipment required!

Your phone will do most of the work for you, but if you really want to remove background noise completely, try covering any hard surfaces like floors and walls with blankets and pillows.

Hold your phone close to your mouth, whether you're recording in telephone mode or speaker mode. If you're recording in person with others, make sure it's close to whoever's speaking.

Recording with a microphone

We support most smartphone mics and bluetooth equipment. If a mic works with your phone, it should also work for recording with Spotify for Podcasters.

USB mics should work too - just find the right adaptor for your phone.

We don't recommend using headsets of any kind to record, as they're typically for phone calls and might not work well when using Spotify for Podcasters.

Note: Microphones aren't supported when using Record with Friends.

Recording from a desktop device

If you're working from a desktop device, you can either record your audio directly from the Spotify for Podcasters episode builder, or in your preferred desktop software and then upload your audio file.

If you're looking for a beginner-friendly piece of audio editing software, we really like Audacity and Garage Band, but there are a ton of great options out there.

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