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Ambassador Ads are going away

Ambassador Ads are no longer be available since February 14th, 2024.

We recognize that our ads monetization offerings have evolved over the past year. We believe these new updates to our ads monetization offerings will allow us to focus on bringing scalable ads solutions like Automated Ads to creators globally. We are continuing to improve existing tools like Automated Ads and our podcast subscription offerings, to continue our mission of helping creators earn money for their podcasts.

Why are Ambassador Ads no longer being offered?

We’re shifting our resources and focus to bringing the Automated Ads program to more creators globally. This ad program, which connects creators with vetted third-party brands through the Spotify Audience Network, is a more scalable advertising solution for podcast creators that offers greater flexibility of ad placement and ad volume.

We are working on making Automated Ads available for more creators globally and will reach out when we are able to extend an invite.

What will happen to my Ambassador Ads analytics data?

As of April 30th, 2024, Ambassador Ads daily earnings and impression data is no longer available in Spotify for Podcasters.

If you'd like a CSV export of your Ambassador Ads analytics data, please contact us and include:

  • Which data you would like access to (ad impressions, earnings)
  • What date range you would like included in your export

What can I use in place of Ambassador Ads?

Check out our monetization options to learn about other ways you can monetize your podcast. You can also approach advertisers directly about featuring their ads on your podcast.

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