Daily Mix

Introducing the music you love, minus the effort.

Your Daily Mixes - each corresponding to a style of music you've been into - is loaded with your favorite tracks and artists, plus a few recommendations. Watch as your Daily Mixes change as your taste changes.


Each mix is unique to you, meaning only you can see, listen to, and influence it.

Desktop and web player

Find Your Daily Mixes in Your Library  under Made for You. 

Mobile and tablet

Find Your Daily Mixes in Home  under Made for You.

Got Premium? Made for You can also be found in Your Library.

New to Spotify?

We need to get to know you and the music you like, so expect to receive Your Daily Mixes after a few weeks of listening.

The more you listen, the more frequently your Daily Mixes will update, and the better and more varied they’ll become.

This depends how varied your music taste is. Tracks and artists are grouped into similar genres which then make up to 6 uniquely sounding mixes.

We recommend listening to and exploring as much music possible to get a full line up of mixes.

It’s not possible to save an entire mix, but you can Like  a track, which saves it to Your Library, under Songs. What’s more, Your Daily Mix will remember you liked it for next time and play you tracks similar to it. 

You can also Dislike  a track so we know not to play it again, or add it to future mixes.

Your Daily Mixes rely on frequent updates to keep things fresh, so it’s not possible to listen offline. You can save tracks from a mix and listen to those offline.

Last updated: 24 October, 2018