Can't reset password

Old email address?

You need access to the email address on your Spotify account to open the password reset link we email you.

If you don't have access, here are some options:

No account associated with email address?

If the password reset says there’s no account with the email you entered, try again with any other email addresses you have.

Note: There are a few ways to sign up e.g. with your email, phone number, Facebook, or Apple. Try logging in with these to find your account. 

If you think your email changed without your permission, see Think your account's been hacked?

Didn’t get reset email?

Check your spam/junk folders, or any other filtered folders.

If you don’t have access to your email address, see “Old email address”.

Invalid password reset link?

Reset your password again, but this time open the emailed link in a private or incognito browser.

Reset your password

Too many requests?

Try again later or use a different device.

Last updated: 12 August, 2021

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