How to play

To play great music, podcasts, and more on Spotify, all you need is the app, or go to our web player.


  1. Open Spotify on the desktop app or web player.
  2. Use Search to find what you want. 
  3. Play any one of these ways:
    • Hover your cursor over a track and click the Play  button on the left.
    • Double-click a track name.
    • Click an album or playlist in Browse.
    • Click the green PLAY button below an artist, album, or playlist title. Click again to PAUSE.

Mobile & Tablet

Note: These steps are for Premium. Using Spotify free on mobile? Learn how to find and play music.

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Use Search to find what you want. 
  3. Play either of these ways:
    • To play in the order listed in the app: Tap an artist, album, or playlist, then tap the first song you want to hear. 
    • To shuffle the track listing: Tap an artist, album, or playlist, then tap SHUFFLE PLAY.

Tip: Save your favorites to Your Library for more instant access in future.

Check out these ways to get recommendations and easy listening line-ups. 

  • Personalized playlists
    Find Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and other playlists made just for you in Your Library, or in Browse (under Discover). 
  • Editorial and other playlists 
    Find playlists curated by music experts and genre specialists from around the globe in the Browse section of the app. We’ve even categorized them into handy Genres & Moods for you. 
  • Spotify Radio 
    Get an endless stream of music similar to any song, album, artist, or playlist of your choosing. Learn more about Spotify Radio.  
  • Daily Mix 
    Like a personalized playlist and Spotify Radio rolled into one! Learn more about Daily Mix

For even more discovery tips, check out Discover music.

Control your listening with Now Playing

After you start playing your music, control it with the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the app. On mobile devices, find it just above the menu bar and tap it for a bigger view and more controls.

  •  Play / Pause. 
  •  Previous / Skip.  
  •  Like / Dislike. We use this to give you better recommendations. Also, when you like something, the song saves to Your Library.  
  •  Shuffle
  •  Repeat album or playlist. Select again for , to repeat song once. Select a third time to stop repeating. 
  •  Play Queue.
  •  Play to another device.

Note: Now Playing options vary depending on the device and what’s playing.

Last updated: 08 October, 2018