Share all playlists with Duo

With Premium Duo, you can instantly share all your playlists with the other member of your plan. A great way to help them build their listening if they’re new to Spotify, or to just impress them with your awesome music taste.

Get started 

Note: This feature shares all your playlists, both followed and created, including Secret playlists and playlists made for you like Discover Weekly. If you don’t want to share everything, check out how else you can share music or collaborative playlists instead. 

  1. Go to the Premium Duo tab in your account page.
  2. Under Share all your playlists select GET STARTED.
  3. Your Duo partner gets an email invite to accept the playlists. They can then log in to their account page and select FOLLOW PLAYLISTS.
    Note: If they don’t want to accept the playlists, they can dismiss the message. You can share them again if they change their mind.

Once they accept the playlists, they get a playlist folder called Duo playlists in their library containing all the playlists you shared with them.

They can remove the playlist folder using the desktop or iPhone app any time, or choose to unfollow individual playlists. 

Last updated: 07 October, 2019