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Sending voice messages

For: Listeners

From July 9, this tool will no longer be available on Spotify for Podcasters mobile and web experiences. Read more here

Head to a podcast’s public page on Spotify for Podcasters and hit Message to send a voice note to the creator.

Key info about voice messages:

  • Make sure to give your browser or Spotify for Podcasters app access to your device’s microphone
  • Your voice message can be up to 1 minute long
  • You can preview and re-record your message before sending it
  • Give your message a title to let the creator know what it’s about
  • You’ll need to log in to your Spotify for Podcasters account to send your voice message
  • Your voice message is private to the podcast creator, unless they choose to add it to an episode
  • The podcast's creator needs to enable the option to send voice messages, so it's not available on all podcasts
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