Why am I paying more?

If you sign up for a trial, the Premium subscription automatically continues after your trial period ends and you’re charged the standard monthly rate. You can cancel any time. 

Check our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

We only charge you once a month for each Premium account you have. If you notice more than one monthly payment to Spotify, it’s likely you have more than one account subscribed to Premium.

Look for accounts you might've subscribed with. 

Note: If you upgrade from Premium to Premium for Family, your payment date will likely be brought forward to account for the difference in price. See our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

Paying for Spotify through Apple (iTunes) is more expensive than paying directly through Spotify.com. 

For more information, check out Paying for Spotify through Apple

Our Student discount expires after a year, but you can reapply the discount if you’re still a student. Otherwise, your subscription automatically continues at the standard monthly rate. 

Check our Terms and Conditions for more details. 

Subscription rates can vary depending on your location.  If you move, you might notice a change in your subscription rate. 

Our fees might be subject to regional taxes, inflation, or tax increases. We will likely contact you via the email address registered on your account, or notify you in-app, if this is necessary. 

Last updated: 16 May, 2019