Missing music and podcasts

Missing from search results?

We don’t have all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, and what we do have varies over time and between countries. It all depends on permissions from rights holders.

We add new content every day, so if you can’t find something, it may appear (or reappear) soon.

Missing from Your Library?

If you’re on mobile, check you haven’t accidentally hidden something with a filter. Pull the screen down to see your filters.

If not, you might have it on a different account. Try logging out and back in with different login details.

If you still can’t find it, maybe it didn’t save correctly. Use search to find and like  it.

Note: When you  an album or artist, it doesn’t automatically like all the songs. Also, liking a song doesn’t automatically like the album or artist.

Tip: To save all songs in an album, tap /  on the album, then Like All Songs.

If you think someone’s gained access to your account, see Think your account's been hacked?

Last updated: 17 February, 2021

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