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Deleting your account or podcast

Note: If you’re moving your podcast from Spotify for Podcasters to another host, check out our guide to redirecting your RSS feed before you delete your account.

Before deleting your account

Deleting your Spotify for Podcasters account will also delete your podcast.

  • If your podcast has been distributed to listening platforms, it can take up to 10 business days for your content to be fully removed from those platforms.
  • If your podcast hasn't been distributed to listening platforms, your account and all of your content will be deleted immediately.

When you request for your account to be deleted, all data tied to the account will also be permanently deleted from our server, so make sure you back up anything you want to keep first, including:

  • Your podcast episodes
  • The recorded or imported audio in your Library
  • Your podcast analytics
  • Your podcast and episode artwork
  • Your voice messages
  • Your podcast and episode descriptions

Deleting your account

Click here to delete your account

Accidentally deleted your account?

If you deleted your Spotify for Podcasters account by mistake, contact us.

Deleting your Spotify account will delete your Spotify for Podcasters account if you use your Spotify account to login to Spotify for Podcasters. If you created your account with Spotify and deleted your Spotify account, you can try recovering your Spotify account with these steps.

Podcast not hosted with Spotify?

Check out how to remove your podcast from Spotify

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