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Digital Voice Narration (AI Narration) FAQs

How do I publish a Digital Voice (AI) Narrated Audiobook?

To get started, download the LPF version of the audiobook you created on Google Play Books. DO NOT modify the audio files in any way or they will not be accepted by our platform. You’re then able to create a new project in your Findaway Voices by Spotify account, simply drag and drop your LPF files, add your metadata, set your price, and publish to select retailers that you choose.

Why is my digital voice narrated metadata different?

You cannot edit the narrator's credit. We will automatically set this from the uploaded Google Play Books LPF files. We automatically prepend the book description informing the listener that this title was created using a digital voice narration.

Why can’t I distribute digital voice narrated audiobooks everywhere?

Digital voice narrated audiobooks are currently being accepted by select retail partners.

What if I have an AI-narrated audiobook from other providers?

We currently only accept digital voice narrated audiobooks from Google Play Books.

What is an LPF file and where can I get it?

An LPF is the kind of file provided by Google Play Books when you download your digital voice narrated audiobook. This is what you upload into Findaway Voices by Spotify.

LPF files generated on or before November 11, 2023 will not work for publishing on our platform. To fix this simply log in to Google Play Books and re-generate your LPF files.

Do I need an ISBN?

Yes! We will auto-assign an ISBN, no need to bring your own.

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