Artist profiles

Artist profiles are where you’ll find all releases available by a particular artist, plus everything you need to know about them.

Explore an artist profile to find:

  • All available albums, singles, and EPs.
    Tip: Check out their Latest Release and Popular Songs to get to know their music.
  • Compilations, or releases by other artists, that they appear on.
  • Their biography and artist images. Click ABOUT on an artist profile on desktop, or scroll to the bottom of an artist profile on mobile and tablet.
  • FANS ALSO LIKE, determined by a combination of Spotify listener habits as well as music discussions and trends happening around the internet.
  • Their CONCERTS.
  • Artist Playlists and Artist’s Pick: The music they’re into!
  • Monthly listeners and where people listen. 
  • Merch/Offers

Note: Content availability varies depending on the artist.

Find an artist profile

Desktop and web player

Search for an artist, or right-click a song or album and select Go to Artist. Scroll down or click the tabs at the top to explore.

Mobile and tablet

Search for an artist, or tap  (iOS) /  (Android) on a song or album and select Go to Artist. Scroll down to explore.

Last updated: 22 October, 2018