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Paying for Spotify through Apple

The Spotify app is available for download in the Apple App Store (in all countries where Spotify has launched).

Tip: If you can’t find the Spotify app, check the country settings of your App Store account.

Subscribing through Apple (iTunes)

Up until recently, it was possible to pay for Spotify Premium using Apple’s in-app payment system (iAP). However, this has been discontinued for new subscribers.

This is because Apple required an additional charge on top of the standard rate, so we decided to cut out the middleman to make things cheaper for you!

If you currently pay for Premium using Apple’s in-app payment system, but would rather subscribe direct with us, it’s super easy to make the switch:

  1. Cancel the automatic renewal of your Spotify payment with Apple. 
  2. Wait for your current subscription to expire.
  3. When your account has reverted back to Free, you can resubscribe directly with Spotify. 

I’m an avid Apple user… Will you be making any other changes like this?

We’ll continue offering the best possible service across all our available platforms. There aren’t any plans to change that.

If I resubscribe directly with Spotify after canceling with Apple, will I be charged right away?

You will be charged right away when you subscribe directly with us. So, after canceling with Apple, wait until your account reverts to the Free service before resubscribing. The date your account will revert to Free is on your Subscription page

Tip: If you’ve never subscribed direct with us before, you might be eligible for a trial offer

I don’t have a card. How can I pay?

We have a range of payment methods available, such as paying with your phone bill or PayPal. Check out the payment methods available in your country.