Follow artists

Never miss a new release from your favorite artists by following them.

Following artists also helps us know what you like, so you get better recommendations.

  1. Go to the artist’s profile.
  2. Select FOLLOW.
    Tip: Select again to stop following.

Find new music from artists you follow

For: Mobile

  1. Tap Home Home icon.
  2. Tap Notification icon.
  3. Select Music.

What’s New shows up to 100 of the latest releases from artists you follow.

Songs and albums can be in the list up to 60 days from their release date.

Recommended artists based on your listening

For: Mobile

  1. Go to Your Library Your Library icon.
  2. Tap Artists.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the artists you already follow.
  4. Find Recommended artists, and tap FOLLOW on any you like.

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