Profile and Playlist User Image Guidelines

You can personalize Spotify by creating your own playlist covers and descriptions and by uploading your own profile picture.

However, Spotify is not a platform for promoting prejudice, hatred, abuse, or engaging in illegal behaviour. Therefore, please refer to these Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines for the types of images and annotations we do and don’t allow.

Intellectual Property and Privacy 

You can't upload any images that violate any copyright, trademark, or personal image rights, which are as follows:

  • Copyright - In most countries and regions, copyright laws exist to protect people's original works and creations (book, music, art etc.).  Copyright generally does not protect ideas or facts, but in some cases it protects original words or images used to express an idea. To find out more detailed information about country specific copyright laws, please visit the WIPO’s Global Directory.
  • Trademark - Trademark is a word, slogan, symbol, or design (logo, brand/company name) that distinguishes the products/services offered by one entity from those of another. Generally, the purpose of trademark laws are to prevent consumer confusion about the source of the party providing service.
  • Personal Image - Personality rights, or right of publicity, protect an individual from unauthorised public or commercial use of their name, image, personality, or likeness. Basically, do not post an image of an individual without their consent.  

Offensive, Violent, or Inappropriate Content

Below are some guidelines for types of offensive or violent content we will not tolerate. Please note however, since we have a large community with members from many countries, cultures, and background, something you might find disagreeable may not violate our Guidelines. 

  • Nudity, pornography, and other sexually explicit content is not allowed on Spotify. If you are questioning the appropriateness of a photo, chances are it violates our Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines.   
  • Hate group speech, imagery, symbols, or references of any kind are strictly prohibited on Spotify and will be removed immediately. 
  • Child pornography - Spotify has a zero-tolerance policy involving sexual content of minors.  Posting, sharing, or downloading images of this nature is prohibited by the law and will be reported to law enforcement and your account will be suspended.  If you come across such an image, please report it immediately. 
  • Bullying and harassment - Intent to bully or harass an individual or group is not permitted on the service.  Such content will be removed from the service. 
  • Overly violent content - While we want to promote your ability to express yourself on Spotify, we also do not allow overly offensive or violent content on Spotify. So when you are about to post content, it might be helpful to ask yourself: would most of my family and friends have a really negative reaction to what I’m about to post? If yes, it will probably violate our Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines.

Last updated: 26 November, 2020

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