Premium plans with other companies

Some companies offer a Spotify Premium subscription as part of select plans. Subscribing through a partner is a great way to access multiple services at a reduced rate.

Right now, you can subscribe to Premium via our partner Vodafone.

Need help?

If you’re already subscribed to Premium or Premium Family directly through our website:

  1. Cancel your existing subscription.
  2. Wait for your remaining Premium time to expire. 
  3. Once your account has been reverted to free you can resubscribe through one of our partners. 

You need to contact the company you're paying for Premium through and cancel your existing subscription. They’ll help you assign your subscription to the correct Spotify account.

When paying for Premium via a partner, your payment details are handled by the partner, not Spotify. You need to contact the partner company you're paying through to cancel or update your payment details.

Last updated: 3 June, 2020

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